Brand name: WELONG
Category: Int'l Supply Chain Integrated Service Provider.
Strategic positioning: Long-term partner of the World Giants as Schlumberger and National Oilwell Varco, etc.
Slogan: Welong-International Integrated Supply Chain Service Provider; Long-term partner of the World Giants as SLB and NOV, etc.
Mission: Empowering the world with the finest supply chain of China.
Vision: To be the giant of Int'l supply chain integrated service provider, and let the China intelligent manufacturing leading the world.
Business philosophy: Being abundant at present, being pioneering at all times.
Values: Honesty-based Keep professional Mutual benefit Full of passion Forge ahead.



Bottom line


To be honest,Perform more actual deeds
Truthful in speech and firm in action, Sincere commitment
Being a dwarf in action
Deception dishonesty

Keep professional

Studying intensively and seeking truthKeep improving Careless work
Pretend to understand

Mutual benefit

Shoulder to shoulder
Put heads together
Helping others, helping yourself
Harm others to benefit
Stand alone

Full of passion

Keep curiosity
Positive and optimistic
Open mind
No communication, no response, no change
Lost vitality
Procrastination and inefficient
Negative complain

Forge ahead

Go upstream
Above & Beyond
Conservative and complacent
Never improving, satisfied with the existing state